BRED Conektr

BRED is our very own integrated solution, built with the main purpose of disrupting outdated distribution operations. Our aim is to not only digitize, but utilize state of the art technology to re-design and transform end to end distribution processes. We believe that Conektr can aid businesses that have a tight operation system or use a high cost distribution process, through the use of our innovative technology processes. Such processes can be utilized to aid distribution channels, making formally impossible channels accessible, while also cutting down typical operational systems and reducing costs to a significant extent.

BRED aims to improve productivity and bottom line of our partners by making the whole distribution process more effective and efficient.


During turbulent times within the market, it is common for brands to become too focused on a particular issue, blinding them to the outside world. B’Conektr can aid such brands, working as their “eyes and ears” to detect changes within the market and adapt to them quickly. Through using this system, we can prevent extrapolated data. Brands can seamlessly communicate with retailers and consumers to create brand awareness, Products launch, market surveys, get shelf pictures and many more..


The main objective of R’Conektr, is to bridge the gap between retailers and distributors. By doing so, business can significantly reduce operations costs and opens a whole new door of operations. Our systems allow businesses to maintain strong relationships with their retailers, increasing orders and the efficiency in which they are placed. Creating an environment of ease and simplicity.


Retailers using our service have the option to claim a FREE consumer mobile app, which is designed with their customers in mind. It helps to connect consumers to their retailers. One could argue that this is a win no matter your perspective. All Customers will have the option to simply order anything they desire from the comfort of their own couch from their very own neighbour retailer.


Distributors can cut down their Sales and delivery cost up to 33% by consolidating the ordering and delivery process with Conektr.

D Conektr offers 2 set of solutions:

1. Retail Bridge:

Distributor can access the orders from retailers from their own desktop or even through their mobile for further processing the delivery. Distributor can also have an option to accept, reject, correct with a comment option for retailers info. This makes it a seamless 2 way communication between Retailer and Distributor. 

2. FFA – Field Force Automation Solutions:

We believe that in the future our “BRED Conektr” system will be the way forward for sales and distribution companies around the globe. When looking at the evolution of current processes, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the following solutions, all of which are the best in their class:

Our FFA solutions are well integrated with retailer self ordering system. This helps to complement the sales person.

  • Vansales
  • Presales
  • Merchandising Solution
  • Promoter Solution
  • Delivery Optimisation
  • Route Optimization


We connect you to 2500 lower trade groceries instantly!


We secure your market credit and payments.


Our Field force automation solutions are integrated with Retailer app


Human touch matters & so is the cost. That is where we take care!


Deliveries and collection is no more a hassle. We are here.


Retail is detail! We provide you market insights with actual data (Not an extrapolated data).