BRED Conektr

It’s a First of its kind integrated Solution to disrupt the century old Distribution operations. We not only digitize but also Re Engineer and Transform the end to end distribution processes using cutting edge Technology.

Conektr would definitely be the savior of the operationally intense, high cost distribution process, using cutting edge technology. These innovative and technology powered solutions help the distribution houses to Achieve all impossible then to possible now, cut down the typical operation method and significant cost.


Brands have less visibility if not blind folded on the market happening! B’Conektr assists the Brands as their “Eyes and Ears” on the market to act swiftly! All REALS now.. No more extrapolated data!


R’Conektr bridges the Retailer and Distributor. Huge operational cost savings and opens the door for many Impossible (then) to Possible (with Conektr). Stay connected with your retailers! Get the orders flow into your office!!

Retailers can place their orders at their finger-tip!


Retailers get a FREE custom brand mobile app for FREE to delight their consumers! Connects the consumer to the Retailer! It’s a Win Win for both retailer and a consumer!

Happy and Free consumers! Order your Grocery/medicines/electronic items from the couch to your own favorite neighborhood retailer!


“Conektr” replaces this and FFA is just a subset of our “BRED Conektr” Solution. We strongly believe that “BRED Conektr” would be the ONLY way forward for the distribution companies. However, considering the evolution process we are glad to offer the following solutions with the best in class:

  • Vansales
  • Presales
  • Merchandising Solution
  • Promoter Solution
  • Delivery Optimisation
  • Route Optimization

ACT is an unique drill down analytics tool -
to Analyse, Communicate and Track! This can work on any device on the move.

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